Argan oil is an extract from the nut produced by the Argan tree; a common tree particularly prevalent in southwestern Morocco.

If your aim is to declutter your cabinet and simplify your beauty, look no further; Argan oil is your beauty elixir of choice. It is applicable to all parts of the body for any skin and hair types. It contains essential fatty acids, vitamins (especially vitamin A and E), minerals, anti-oxidants which promote general wellbeing by moisturizing, softening as well as protecting your face and hair from sun damage. Argan oil is devoid of toxins and parabens (a group of chemicals used as preservatives in cosmetics). It can also be added as an additional ingredient to many beauty products obtained from stores to enhance hydration and protection.

This amber-colored oil has numerous benefits most of which have been established for many centuries. Its discovery dates back as far as 600 BC. It was used by the Phoenicians for enhancement of their appearance and healing purposes. Today, Argan oil is widely used for both cosmetic and culinary purposes.


  • PROFESSIONAL HYDRATING HAIR SERUM TREATMENT- that immediately reduces frizz and restores shine and softness to your hair.
  • NUTRITIOUS FORMULA WITH SEVERAL ESSENTIAL SILICONE OILS VITAMINS that repair damaged hair by providing, hydration and strength to your hair.
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES , normal to dry including straightened , curled or colored. Non Greasy Styling Formula
  • LONG LASTING RESULTS FOR POST-STRAIGHTENED HAIR TREATMENT. Leave your hair silky smooth and smelling great.
  • 60ML.| 2OZ . Great for travel. Use it before styling with flat irons, blow dryers & curling wands. NOT ANIMAL TESTED.

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The composition of this very useful oil is what makes it very beneficial. Aside from its vitamins A, C and E contents, it also contains beneficial fatty acids such as Palmitic acid, oleic acid, linolenic acid, etc. Argan oil also contains antioxidants and other constituents such as carotenes, tocopherols, triterpenes. These components work in synergy to provide the moisturizing and refreshing effects synonymous with the use of Argan oil.


  • Face moisturizer: Application of organic oil on your face and neck after cleansing aids easy absorption into the skin due to the fact that the oil is dry.
  • Hydrating Toner: addition of a few drops of Argan oil to favorite facial toner to hydrate and tone at the same time. It is also possible to formulate your own toner by adding a few drops of Argan oil to rose or orange blossom water.
  • Rejuvenating and Brightening face mask: addition of a few drops of Argan oil as a special ingredient to a mask you bought at the store or alternatively, formulating your own mask by mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice, three teaspoons of Greek-style yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey and three drops of Argan oil in a bowl. Apply this on a clean dry face and leave on the face for 10 minutes after which you can rinse it with warm water.
  • Exfoliating lip scrub and moisturizer: Argan oil is also used as a lips smoother and moisturizer. This formula is prepared by adding a few drops of Argan oil to fine brown sugar. The mixture is lightly massaged onto lips in a circular pattern after which it is rinsed off with water.
  • Face glow: adding a few drops of Argan oil to your foundation, bronzer or tinted moisturizer ensures your face glows luminously.
  • Leave-on conditioner: addition of a few drops of Argan oil to your hair after a shower keeps your hair hydrated and moisturized. It also nourishes your hair if it is dry from daily use of blow dryer.
  • Hairstyling and shine: the use of a few drops Argan oil on dry as a styling product helps in curbing frizzing. All you need is a small amount of Argan oil the effect is sure to last long.
  • Overnight hair treatment: a massage of adequate amount of Argan oil into your hair, tips, and scalp is an effective means of nourishing your hair. Wrap the hair and leave the treatment on while you sleep. Wash off the treatment the next morning and observe shiny soft locks.
  • Cuticle and heel softener: application of a few drops of Argan oil to your cuticle makes it soften; leaving it moisturized and set for nail growth. The treatment should be used overnight for cracked heels.

With such a vast amount of nutrients, one can only expect an extract like Argan oil to be the perfect option of. With the above tips, you now know exactly what to do in order to give your skin and hair if undesirable blemishes. Argan oil is your long awaited solution. Why not give it a shot today and get your skin and hair issues blown away just like that; Argan oil is definitely a choice you will never regret.