For hair care and hair treatment, essential oil and silicone are both important ingredients that can help keep your hair healthy. Essential oil and silicone are from two different families but they both help with the treatment and maintenance of the hair.

Hair treatment with Essential oil

Nourishes dry hair

The perfect ally for keeping your hair strong and healthy is essential oils. It helps seal the moisture onto the damaged hair and also balance scalp oil production.

Manage oily hair

One of the ways to train oily hair is by shampooing it less often and adding essential oil. The essential oil will help cut through the grease and also help the scalp balance oil production.

Prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth

One if the effectiveness of hair treatment with essential oil is that it helps prevent hair loss. It does this by stimulating the scalp. Make use of essential oils topically for some few months and you are done battling hair loss.

Get rid of dandruff

Many essential oils have antifungal properties so it is best to put their flake-fighting power into use by seeing them as an anti-dandruff ingredient.

Soothes inflammation in itchy and dry scalp

Another effectiveness of hair treatment with essential oil is that they help soothe irritated skin because of their anti-inflammatory property.

Alin Professional Hair Treatment with essential oil and silicone for frizzy | dry| damaged hair

    • PROFESSIONAL HYDRATING HAIR SERUM TREATMENT- that immediately reduces frizz and restores shine and softness to your hair.
    • NUTRITIOUS FORMULA WITH SEVERAL ESSENTIAL OILS that repair damaged hair by providing nutrition, hydration and strength to your hair.
    • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES , normal to dry including straightened , curled or colored.
    • LONG LASTING RESULTS FOR POST-STRAIGHTENED HAIR TREATMENT. Leave your hair silky smooth. Well absorb non Greasy Formula. you can add more as you go
    • 60 ML. Perfect amount to travel with

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Hair treatment with silicone

Your hair type determines whether products with silicone are right for you. Hair treatment with silicone is highly effective and valuable because of the purposes it serves.

Silky shine

Hair care products with silicone help improve the unhealthy look of the hair, improves the dull appearance, damaged hair and brittle.

It also helps restore the supple and luster nature of the hair and makes the hair easy to comb. This helps the hair cuticles in attracting other hair care products. Additionally, using silicone helps increase the light reflection which proportionally increases the luster.

The bottom line: Silicone helps restore the supple nature of the hair, makes the hair more manageable and intensifies its luster.

Hair treatment with essential oil and silicone both works fine for the hair. It all goes down to the condition of the hair and the result you want.

Different care may be needed for different parts of the hair and choosing the best option for your hair is what you need.

Consider what your hair needs and decide on which ingredient will be the best option for you.